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In July 2011 at St Paul’s Church Hall 42 people attended  the foundation meeting of the UK Langa Township Pre-School Trust, which now supports 500 children in six pre-schools in Cape Town. This Trust is located and driven within the Parish and its growth would have been impossible without the support of people from St Paul’s and St Mary’s. The Parish churches and halls have been used for concerts and parties to support the Trust with help from the congregations. The Parish itself has made occasional grants to LTPT and the Parish Office prints leaflets and newsletters for the Trust. The quarterly newsletter is sent out to 160 LTPT Friends and is available on the LTPT website which can be found here

LTPT Newsletters

Issue 48 May 2024

Issue 47 February 2024

Issue 46 November 2023

Issue 45 July 2023

Issue 44 February 2023

Issue 43 October 2022

Issue 42 July 2022

Issue 41 February 2022

Issue 40 November 2021

Issue 39 August 2021

Issue 38 May 2021

Issue 37 February 2021

Issue 36 October 2020

Issue 35 August 2020

Issue 34 May 2020

Issue 33 February 2020

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